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A chip-tune conception (tune program for sound synthesis chip) had appeared very long time ago, when first sound generators were built in computers. Since that conception has lost it's original meaning because of existance of a great number of different musical software and because present-day computers exceed their ancestors unthinkably. In this compo chip-tune means composition which is made by any method and takes a minimal size under maximally acceptable quality of sounding. That is why the art of composing chip-tunes implies professional mastering of means of making music. Even with 3-4 simple instruments you can create high quality music Ч or true cacophony, using the best equipment and the latest software.

Works in any music format (formats-participants are defined in each compo) which doesn't exceed defined file size can take part in RCTC. So RCTC-99 had limited uncompressed musical information to 100K (102400 bytes), RCTC-2003 was being accepted archives with works in RAR or ZIP format under 100K.

The first compo of RCTC series was thought out and conducted by Pavel Zolin (Jazztiz) together with participants of Уt.r.a.c.k.e.r.sФ project in autumn 1999. 18 works took part in it (formats of Buzz, Impulse Tracker, Fast Tracker and ProTracker). Winners of compo was determined by jury voting, which consisted of six judges.

The second compo was organized by Igor Chistik in spring 2003, had gathered 40 works in formats of second and third generation trackers of PC platform, ProTracker 3 of ZX platform and MIDI arrangements. In order to extend possibilities of compo participants, a size of RAR/ZIP archive with music file was taken as calculated file size, what contradicts to conventional standards of the demoscene (the same way as format mixing in general). Moreover, controversial points emerged due to participation of some works in compo and the result of jury work.

Translated by Enger

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