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32. Thirty second issue.
Alibaba and the Forty Theives.
The most interesting reviews of arbiters from RCTC-2003.

35 musicians with 40 modules took part in competition.
Geographically, the competition reached Byelorussia (1 participant; 1 work), Poland (1/1), Ukraine (3/4) and Russia (28/31). The works from Bulgaria and Netherlands were the organizer's phantoms. You may get the addition info about competition on t.r.a.c.k.e.r.s site and in the Scene'93 mag.

You may need the following programs:

Formats IT, XM, S3M, MOD, MO3
ModPlug player 1.46
Impulse Tracker 2.14
XMPlay player 2.7
Home page -

Format PSY
Tracker Psycle 1.7x
Home page -

Format PT3
Player by Sergey Bulba AY-3-8910/12 Emulator 2.7
Home page -
Or Winamp/XMplay plugin (reading of a duplicating format VTX)

Format RNS
Renoise 1.2x
Home page-

Formats BMX and BMW
It's necessary to get "our" distribution kit of Buzz 1.2
Unfortunately, our participants used some additional buzz-machines in their modules.
You may need to get them yourself.

All competition modules can be found in this pack -

Plugin for WinAmp2/XMPlay2 for VTX modules (PT3 converter)

Thanks to Alex Radzishevsky for storing some part of mp3 versions here:
Floating Mechanic Clock, Manwe (RU), 4972kb, Psycle-mp3
Cisum Mese Ekil Bets, Wons Anila (BG), 4643kb, Buzz-mp3.
Kaleidoscope, fast shadow (RU), 6606kb, Buzz-mp3.
In the search of sunset, nikerous (RU), 2225kb, Buzz-mp3
Leaving3, Rain (UA), 2659kb, Renoise-mp3
Sad Dance in the most heart of world, Vinsent (RU), 2465kb, Buzz-mp3

Psychodelic Bells (Dj Chip)
/bells, (; received in bells.rar, 53kb)

"Quite nice initial music idea, but luck of progress in music and average poor technic. Samples of a bad quality, that is very audible and produce bad impression.", - Alex Radzishevsky.

"A very nice melody with a minimum samples.", - Gene J.B.

"A kind of melancholic melody... Looks similar to that old music caskets from an XIX century pubs. Mostly not for the sound, but becouse of the mood of module.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Last moment i was near to add 2 scores to "professionalism" - for "formation" and "completeness" of the composition, and also for the skill to create SUCH thing just from the three samples (even a bit "large" for chip). The musical theme is pretty memorizable, and full of mood and sense despite of its simplicity.", - Jazztiz.

"Dreamy trance, but nothing special.", - Hally.

"It is boring and not interesting. No variety at all, not bad, but also nothing to remember from this tune.", - Prizrak.

"A Pleasant composition. Harmony is too popular. There are some artefacts in the middle of song. Facture is very well done. The end (fade out) not that good, but also logical.", - EstEps.

"Only 3 samples, but the sound performs integrity and self-sufficience. If only the size was 3 times smaller... A sound rather poor, but of a good quality. The musical development rather linear and well predictable, but there is one rather worthy moment. Some disappointment goes from the unsophisticated approach to the notes duration - almost all of them are of identical length. But in whole - well atmospheric, well lyrical, good quality.", - Manwe.

Sector Themoz (Dj-Z aka d-juice)
/d-juice, (000 _ 00000017.pt3; 7kb)

"A kind of obtrudive background for arcade game", - Oleg Dunaev.

"I do not know, if that was a bug in WinAmp, but i've got some whirr on 2-nd minute. And that was damn unpleasant for me.", - Gene J.B.

"The melody turns around the same theme, constant loops are noticable despite of a good arrange.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Interesting work. There is something from a funk-culture, and though it does not contain sharp emotions, it is created rather professionally to impress by its technik.", - Eternal Engine.

"I consider myself to be fond of chippy sound, but, unfortunately, chippy not in such kind. My claims goes to author - its a pity that generally clever person, good in music harmony, tricky in every possible way, but... :-( far not brilliant composer.", - Jazztiz.

"Excellent groovy tune.", - Hally.

"Excellent chip-tune for a chip compo. Really rare thing in ctc2. One of my most liked modules. I have nothing to critic here. Idea, transitions, measure, temper - everything is pleasant.", - Prizrak.

"The typical chiptune. Music a little bit fragmentary, but nice suitable for gameplay. Its nice idea to rate such compositions separately from a usual ones (that ones with samples). I was irritated by the whirr, that starts closer to an end of a module. In any way - it is music. The melody is not memorizable. There is some protraction, but it's allowable thing in such format.", - EstEps.

"The small size, well sound, no dominance of traditional chip arpeggio, fashionable groove - here are the positive sides. The melody - the worthy improvisation, but its hard to make something extraordinary on a four chords basis. Good level of a sound quality and professionalism, however I've heard much more complex things on AY.", - Manwe.

"Joyful. But without inspiration (in my opinion) ", - Euggie.

Cor Snoit Airav (Wons Anila)
/csa, (Csa.mid; received in csa.rar, 14kb).

The work is written in autoarrager Band-in-box. A joke from Gene J.B. The true author of work was casually determined shortly before the deadline, when Enger has read a name of the musician vice-versa. The password to archive work - "hastalavista".

"I think i cannot judge this composition. I understand nothing in such kind of music.", - Eternal Engine.

"Musical idea is not clear, but arrange is pretty good. It is difficult to rate an "optimality " for MIDI-files.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Completely ugly and non-skilled improvisation with rather nice accompaniment.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"I had problems with SF2 bank on 8 mb, as far as I dont have SBLive! (unfortunately). I listened to this composition on Roland RS-5 (GM2/GS, 32 mb ROM) without reverb, so probably, there are some discrepancies in what I heard, and what the author wanted to be heard. Anyway, i was impressed. The harmony is well built. Good instruments balance. Beautiful and professional improvisations. Nice and easy music =) 30 kilobytes is very optimal for such complex sequnces! ", - Jazztiz.

"Excellent adlib, but other aspects lack interest.", - Hally.

"Not very good harmony. Sometimes bad taste. Guitar solo uninteresting (despite of its naturality). There are a lot of sounds mixed, but no drive. Its not jazzy. The guitar pluck distracts. Looks like generated music. The further - the more boring. Solo of a guitar and solo of an organ almost do not differ ;-( Mess. Music about nothing.", - EstEps.

"I listen on classical Roland Sound Canvas, becouse any other way to compare few mid-files is completely impossible. A lot of improvisation that mask a lack of musicality. Stylistical originality: on the one hand - yes (in comparison with other works), on the other hand - most typical composition from a demo mid's pack that go with any sound card. The guitar play imitates the live guitar, that is positive", - Manwe.

Melancholy (Kinard)
/dras, (dras.mo3; received in rar, 32kb)

The first work i received on CTC, i was even frightened a bit. Reminds music from "Alladin" game and the lead track to russian film about Sherlock Holmes.

"Poor progress of a main theme, poor arrangement, ending is non distinct, no solidity in sound.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Comparing to other works this one looks ugly. Looks like some plagiarism on a DJs from early 80th, or a parody on them...", - Gene J.B.

"The theme rather well corresponds its name and creates quite certain picture for the experienced listener. Something like melancholic's apathetic improvisations :-) I cant say, its very professional module, but in whole this work appeared to be quite worthy, though it rather need an absorbing melody that inherents such kind of music.", - Eternal Engine.

"A rather boring music. Author's merit is the small module size.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"This author has everything in his future. Module is messy in all aspects. But the main thing that he has a goal to achieve. Flutes are interesting. Arrangement - not so interesting, to be polite.", - Jazztiz.

"Too much high frequencies of the snare sample make this song noisy.", - Hally.

"Cracks in the beginning. Author seem try to create something heavy. Melody is uninteresting (4 notes!). Then the typical mod of a middle 80th starts, boring and uninteresting from the arrangement point of view. Particular rhythm make no harm, nor help.", - EstEps.

"Its not very good idea to pack 8-bit samples in MO3 - module size remains the same as with 16-bit, but quality reduces even below initial eight bits. Positive moments - melodical stereo. Bassline reminds me something, but in general its very colourful and poetic. As well as the rest composition, in whole.", - Manwe.

Obolensk (Mitchell and Mr. Z)
/ mitchel, (obolensk.pt3; 8kb).

"I was hooked by this module. Sounds like an "Arkanoid" tune...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Old-time spectrum :-))) Cool... nothing else to say :-) It is a pity, almost nobody create such music nowdays... :-) Its really hard for me to be objective about this module... Well, if i'll try to... In full, technical picture is quite adequate, here are refrain, preamble, arrange, second plan instrument that accompanying to a solo, bass, drum-section, everything done at quite good level. Best mark and nothing to add here ; -) ", - Eternal Engine.

"A brilliant melody, well done arrangement. Smart boy! ", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"This work is similar to previous one ("Melanchony"). An obscure theme of old-styled lame composers.", - Gene J.B.

"A composition is interesting, but rather dull. And not becouse of the sound, that give some chippy attraction, but becouse of cyclic structure of the composition.", - Jazztiz.

"Typical AY pop.", - Hally.

"One more bright representative of a chip family on CTC2. The very pleasant track, that reminds zx48, dendy, sega times... Perfect work. Again there is nothing left for critic.", - Prizrak.

"Harmony awfully poppy (that untaught guys with guitars on the streets play approximately in that manner). Melody far not impessed me. It cant suit even the gameplay, coz its too lyrical, and also protracted. It reminds some old song from USSR period. Only one thing looks fresh - the final modulation, and that's not very well too...", - EstEps.

"Its joyful in the beginning. But a bit later you see the slackness of a melody. I've noticed no attempts to get something extraordinary from AY, but, maybe, that was not the thing author tryed to achieve? Ultimately, many participants send their modules just for fun :-) ", - Manwe.

"Its cool and positive! ", - Euggie.

See you later (Igor Chistik)
/seeyou, (seeyou.mo3; the maximum compression RAR v3.0, 89kb).

The work is informal participant in competition. The music is based on 30-sec example to CakeWalk 9. Using the ogg, mo3 and rar3 formats the Impulse Tracker module has turned from 2342kb to 89kb. This is the largest work of the competition. The second "fattest" module is "Turned To Dark" by Enger (1522kb), third - the second CTC place: " a-d-d-a _ L " by tone (1184kb).

"First, the work has some rhythm problems - due to the lack of quantization. Secondly, being so huge it can get some better sound... And third - its too close to our pop music artists (such as Krutoy etc.), this mean its nonoriginal.", - Gene J.B.

"Pleasant easy jazz, quality sound and easy melody. But the swing of a drum section seems a bit strange. It looks like drummer was frightened or he was in a bad mood, when they mastered a track :-) But this strange rhythm doesnt spoils this work much. In general, it makes good impression.", - Eternal Engine.

"Not Bad. But drum section is weak and module size quite large for such arrange...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Good melody, sound quality is somewhat dirty, drum-section is obviously missed the rhythm, but anyway, very pleasant and relaxing music.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Everything is nice, but some obvious mistakes. The rhythm' problem - sounds very unnaturally, instead of shuffle imitation. Mellody aspect - beautiful, but very nonoriginal. The author can take offence, but it has reminded me some works by James Last and Igor Krutoy, from their worst side.", - Jazztiz.

"Actually piano sample isn't good, but harsh piano gives good accent to this song.", - Hally.

"Probably the idea was nice, but percussion sound is broken and mechanical, look like percussion's bpm does not suit the other theme. That was the basic thing that spoiled my impression from a track.", - Prizrak.

"Dirty loop. A quite bass have been pushed to the far background. Nevertheless, here is something i can call "music" . Bad instruments balance. Well, why the bass is so quite?! The absence of harmonic development is compensated by the small size. Anyway - nice miniature. A flute is not tuned correctly, a bit high ;-) ", - EstEps.

"A lot of packed 16-bit samples - good sound quality. The professionalism was slightly deteriorated by lazy-going dram-machine. Author recreates the sense of alive game and sense of thinking while playing a piano. Nice idea to add one more instrument (guitar or some trumpet, maybe) that may be positive for, at least, "optimisation"., - Manwe.

"It is better than the previous things, that's precisely ;-) ", - Euggie.

Dream away (ZiP)
/1, (; received in, 56kb)

"It is difficult to rate a composition on some criteries because it not a classic chip. About a composition: the author goes too far in cycling the same technic. The identical technic figures starts to tire in th middle of a track. But harmony is on very high level.", - Gene J.B.

"The composition sounds very interesting, but there are two minuses. There is no clearly expressed theme to the module's idea/inspiration, so, theme is not present. And the short time of playing confuses a bit.", - Eternal Engine.

"A good sound, correctly arranged. But music is quite dull, the lack of originality.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Pleasant music, but the author starts not always successful improvisations instead of developing a musical theme. Thats why the integrity of a composition suffers. As to a sound, everything was pleasant to me, except a bass =( In general - not bad.", - Jazztiz.

"Sound beautiful except tedious rhythm.", - Hally.

"It is beautiful. The music remind me some module from Acuman VERY MUCH. I believe, that its just an occasion :-) ", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Ehh, the piano spoiled everything. There could be a rather pleasant track, but the piano has killed an 50% of idea. Tune your samples, listen to what you're createing! Let's other people listen to it! If your ears tired from this track, have a rest from it, listen to other music, and then come back. Give a rest to your ears! In some places the piano strongly saw my ears in this track...", - Prizrak.

"Reminds my early works in tracker (arpeggio). Instruments are interesting. Pleasant music. Grand piano quite needs a good rever, but tastes differ... Module has a good form, melody. They say about such things - it's worth listening twice.", - EstEps.

"Rather unoriginal four chords in the beginning (they obviously needs some delay). Only the piano party forms the positive mood, and the further sounds fly pleased by the mind. Good work done on a piano party. Thats pleasent.", - Manwe.

Into The Dream (Max bulavin)

"Pleasant melody and arrangement.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Very professionally, good sound, good arrangement, beautiful and a little sad melody. The genre of melody resembles of something from good professional chanson or slow pop music. During listening I even got a feeling that this is an instrumental or karaoke version of some well-known song and the voice of Mikhail Krug or Iosiph Kobzon would be in it's place here. ;-) If you turn on in XMPlay a reverberation with middle settings, the second surround and equalizer with minimal changes of some frequencies, you won't distinguish the composition from good studio minus. Bravo, encore, applause! :-)", - Eternal Engine.

"Very good work, even though I hadn't any doubts as to old school professionalism. Old trackers maybe always will be in advance!", - Gene J.B.

"Very beautiful music. But again it resembles of some Igor Krutoy. And also french stage of Joe Dassin style =) . I have such a feeling that author lives in the end of 70's. Well, I'm not disposed to appreciate this as a drawback. But anyway, music doesn't shine with originality, that is why it got 10 for originality."I heard it somewhere before"...", - Jazztiz.

"Astonishingly beautiful. One of the best efforts of mo3 under 100KB.", - Hally.

"Nice melody, but theme is not evolved well, unfortunately.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Excellent track, one of my favorites in the compo. Very pleasant composition. I have nothing to carp at. Congratulations Max, you have never disappointed me :).", - Prizrak.

"Correctly formed track, although pad upthrusts here again (is it a fashion or what?) Good old instrument "piano+strings" give away Max Bulavin completely. Form, texture - everything as it should be for such music - but nothing more. Balance let it down (melody is weak dynamically). The percussions are monotonous. Among the other works this track looks good, but for Max it's too weak.", - EstEps.

"32 channels - dense sound. Unfortunately, the samples are 8 bit. A pop-mixture of "Enigma" and "Tender May" ("Ласковый Май") of good quality. Solo in the second part of composition sounds pleasant. In it's genre - definitely very qualitative piece.", - Manwe.

"A sentimental piece for the special mood, but pleasant ;)", - Euggie.

nota bene (dedanis)

"Too horrible perversions in a harmony. Maybe originality lies not in this, first of all...", - Gene J.B.

"A kind of original one and without cutting one's hears combinations, but doesn't touch.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Quite a qualitative jazz improvisation, some parts are interesting, some are boring, but not bad as a whole.", - Eternal Engine.

"Author's words "for thinking originals" I'd better short to "for marginals". As a whole, combination of "musicality" and "originality" makes something you couldn't listen to.", - Jazztiz.

"Song itself is cute. It could be much better if his tracking was more technical.", - Hally.

"Beautiful, interesting harmonies.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"In spite of fact that this is second chip-tune of the author, it doesn't like chip-tune. Samples (or accords?) are not tuned up. Didn't look inside, so I can't say exactly. Impression from such dissonances in general is not very good.", - Prizrak.

"Monophonic attempt of imitation of live music. There is even no smell of non-standard harmony. Accordion is not bad (for tracker). In general, it reminds me music from some old game. Arrangement is not bad, but the music doesn't remains in mind.", - EstEps.

"Harmonies are amusing things, but the most complicated is to put furtively artful and intricate combinations to listener in such way that he won't suspect anything :) Some amusing find of sounding and/or rhythm would come in handy to hide a little rectilinear combinations. Accordion makes me happy - it adds originality here (in contrast to midi, by the way :)", - Manwe.

"I like positive ;)", - Euggie.

The Flower Man (djkor)

"Interesting composition, but quality let it down and intro is boring.", - Eternal Engine.

"Very interesting experimental. Very much like Dune and Esem, but there is no Dune's artistry and Esem's suicidal tones.", - Gene J.B.

"IDM in all it's beauty. Originality 18 for that IDM is very rare in chip-tunes, even though I have heard this for a hundred times. Harmony and presentation reminds me of Aphex Twin - Milk Man and so on, but with tendency to minimalism. And there is something to compliment for. Excellent mastering of instrument, bright acoustic samples, the composition presented clearly, laconically.", - Jazztiz.

"Pretty experimental idm.", - Hally.

"I didn't understand the music :-)", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"A little overextended and strange beginning, approximately till 1.5 minutes is unclear, does someone jeers at us, having fall upon synthesizer, or this is a kind of new style of music. From 1.5 minutes track begins to find a sense, and you don't want to turn it off like in the beginning. I recommend to think about composition more seriously in a future. There is no background and percussion in many parts with mmmmm "guitar riffs".", - Prizrak.

"It's not a music.", - EstEps.

"At once sample credits make a pleasant impression. Percussion sounds have not enough delays, transition to guitar part is confusing, but then - everything is pleasant and interesting. I feel some influence of Snork, though.", - Manwe.

X-tag (DJ MoHaX)

"Long live oldschool !!! :-)", - Oleg Dunaev.

"In general everything is splendid: good professional arrangement in demo-style, not bad sound. But there is something imperceptible which gives to harmony a smack of unprofessionality. I don't know why, maybe it's my subjective appraisal, but I got exactly such feeling. Although on the whole the work made very competently and correctly.",- Eternal Engine.

"Old School here!! Excellent!!! Professionally! Four-channelly! No comment!", - Jazztiz.

"Nice 4ch funk with good bass and lead tracking. But piano and rhythm are boring.", - Hally.

"Also one of the tracks I like most of all. At once good old demoscenic times are brought to mind, PurpleMotion, Skaven, CCCatch, Edge and other oldschool guys. Excellent composition.", - Prizrak.

"Jazzy. Piano is not good. Looks like old good modules. Nostalgic music. Not enough drive, but for this time - instrumental one. Perfect track for sprightly gameplay in the middle of 90's. You're muddling with a works' size, Igor. Badly muddling.", - EstEps.

"Samples and stylistics are very traditionally-amigish.", - Manwe.

The Lost Planet (Butch)

"Professionally, beautifully, with a taste... The best of all what was in the packets #1 and #2...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Quite a qualitative instruments and not bad arrangement, but boring, formless and almost immotionless music.", - Eternal Engine.

"The same picture during 3 minutes...", - Gene J.B.

"No comment again. Appallingly!", - Jazztiz.

"Fairly beautiful as such a size. His sensitivity to details is also impressive. Just one weak point is originality... But is it needed for such a polished music in the mature style?", - Hally.

"Very correct module, a beautiful music, a little homogeneous though. High rate.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Calm track. But from my point of view a little boring. Doesn't perceive as a background, because the mood of the track is sad in some way. It lacks energy, in general.", - Prizrak.

"Guitar line in intro sounds really not bad (I heard it somewhere before, but long time ago). Then pleasant impression ends and gives way to utter boredom which is strengthened by green color of ModPlug Player. Ambience is kept, but there is no depth of sounding which may emphasize ambient. Only in the second part of track author begins to expose musical thought.", - EstEps.

"Nice samples and atmosphere a la Basehead or Timelord, rich sound. Professionally with no doubt.", - Manwe.

"Not bad... Sounds quite professionally. Especially good for chip-tune.", - Euggie.

Cisum Mese Ekil Bets (Wons Anila)

"Estimated by MP3. The beginning is original, but from the middle it is notably that author doesn't know what to write - at one moment he included theme from Zodiac/PPK, at another left a whole minute of empty background/rhythm...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"The beginning of composition is quite cheerful and even interesting, but at the end everything blowed off. In general, not good and not bad, something average.", - Eternal Engine.

"Fake. Nothing of author =)", - Jazztiz.

"Basic techno track.", - Hally.

"I didn't like it.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Frankly boring track, the themes are changing without any reason and clear development. Many instruments, much of them used out of place.", - Prizrak.

"The beginning is quick-tempered, at once creates a positive impression. And this is really to the point, because then it gets little boring. In the middle - rip of "Zodiac" band melody which is made wrongly and with a terrible sound. Perhaps, introduction is the most deserving part of this music salad.", - Manwe.

Those days are gone with you... (EstEps)

"Professionally made arrangement. Musically... just not in my taste...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Very pleasant orchestration, nothing new or original, there were many such melodies and maybe would not be less, but I can't say the absence of originality spoils this composition because melody is quite beautiful. Just the style assumes and disposes to something well-known. :-)", - Eternal Engine.

"The only shortcoming of composition is the weak dynamics of percussions.", - Gene J.B.

"The stupid percussions spoil everything. Listened to it on roland rs-5. Not bad as a whole.", - Jazztiz.

"Perfectly professional GM MIDI song, completed as a normal easy listening, beyond a chip music.", - Hally.

"Beautiful piece, can't say anything. Very simple, but greatly with a taste. Composed very professionally.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Listen to it on a classical Roland Sound Canvas. Arrangement made without special innovations, but professionally. Percussions sound a little simply. And in general, composition is positive, interesting, aerial, kind, even almost beatlish.", - Manwe.

"Seriously.", - Euggie.

Flowers in your hands (Kevin)

"Unfortunately I don't know possibilities of given format, so I rated it middling...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"No normal melody, no interesting rhythm, completely banal arrangement, total primitive and tastelessness. If it were made on another platform using good samples, maybe it would carry weight, not very big anyway. But it this way - completely merited unsatisfactory.", - Eternal Engine.

"Technodullness. When author has no idea, it usually results in such a composes...", - Gene J.B.

"With a drive =). But monotonously.", - Jazztiz.

"Tracking is not bad, but totally boring.", - Hally.

"Homogeneous tiresome sounding even in spite of used effects.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Excessively monotonous. I haven't got the sense of track. It sounds like a loop of pair of patterns without evolution, sense and idea.", - Prizrak.

"It murmurs and peeps. Then buzzes and peeps again.", - EstEps.

"The size is impressive. And unceasing arpeggio is not. It's pity that such size hadn't a room for some more original sound. Delays make me glad, it's a plus for three and a half channels.", - Manwe.

"Hmm.", - Euggie.

Flowers of the stars (X-Ray)

"Good chip module. Just little boring in a musical sense.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Classical PC chip-tune. For it's style the arrangement is very good and made at high technical level, and the harmony is quite interesting. The only minus of composition is weak movement of the theme and, consequently, a monotony.", - Eternal Engine.

"Very qualitative work of very small size.", - Gene J.B.

"Excellent old school electro is back! Excellent sound!", - Jazztiz.

"Tiny but very original chip idm. IMHO, it's the most original award of the compo.", - Hally.

"Simply wonderful. Professionalism at high level. Simply beautiful.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Excellent technique. Played too long with the lead instrument, but as for the rest is very pleasant to listen to. Thought out bass line, unobtrusive percussions, the main theme - everything is very harmonious.", - Prizrak.

"Unusually. Jazz intonations and unusual form are adorning this music. Made quite professionally. Resembles of early PM or JMJ, although lacks of melodic. As a result the track becomes boring nearly to the end, firstly due to harmony on 2 chords.", - EstEps.

"Small size, scales full of various adornments, sensibly saturated 16 channels - everything tells of a professionalism. If the author hadn't spared on size, we could get a composition with more interesting sound.", - Manwe.

"Very... chippy tune.", - Euggie.

love-lorn (Impulse)

"Not bad, but boring...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Qualitative arrangement, but completely not interesting melody.", - Eternal Engine.

"I definitely like the approach to work of this dandy fellow :)", - Gene J.B.

"IMHO it's too boring.", - Jazztiz.

"IDMish synth folk. Original, but lack of clincher.", - Hally.

"Wonderfully clear sound, very beautiful music. It deserves all the praises.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Not bad composition. Unobtrusive theme, and everything seems to be good, but the percussion section as for me is too abrupt for such a composition. More soft percussions would fit here.", - Prizrak.

"Sixpartite size?! Not bad. Last time I heard it from Max Fadeyev on Triumph disc. Arrangement is weak, melody not found, substantial part is extremely tedious.", - EstEps.

"Beautiful "love story" with unexpected percussion part. Unexpectedness is that melodic and percussion parts uncommonly combine, even though they are not two of a kind. Accordion in the manner of "Amelie"... Lirycs. If the percussions would be more diverse, there would be an ideal.", - Manwe.

Until 21 (nikerous)

"Boring. Without a zest...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Composition has very professional and quite original arrangement, but the theme is expressed weakly. If the author had given more consideration to harmony, he would get much more outlooks on this compo. But for now just "four with plus". Completely deserving and generally also not bad, but there is a place to strive for. ;-)", - Eternal Engine.

"Very original work in a very original style.", - Gene J.B.

"Excellent sound.", - Jazztiz.

"Experimental but polished chippie idm.", - Hally.

"Too ordinary theme, very professional performance.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Also one of the tracks I like most of all. The original attempt to interbreed chip sound with mmmm... relatively live drum line. Reasoning of that drum line made me glad. Composition makes many positive emotions, but there is not enough evolution. And it was worth to work more on the "weight" of instruments and to put the track into slightly smaller size. I'm glad that author of this track is my compatriot :)", - Prizrak.

"The samples are not good (HQ-interpolation doesn't help). Nevertheless, idea is original. Drums are upthrusting. An excellent track could be made on the base of this theme.", - EstEps.

"Very beautiful percussion: filters, delays... Professionally. If the module was 3 times smaller, any demoband would wish to use it in 64K-intro.", - Manwe.

"Super!!!", - Euggie.

Quantum Logic (Minimal Art Manifesto)

"Exactly "pseudomusical"... Track of noise aesthetics. Written really good, though...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"It's for a lover, but made professionally, very interestingly and of high quality. Seems that the main idea of the composition is the absence of thoughts and emotions that are understandable for human being. But how can human being understand quantum logic?... Mysteriously and really-really not bad.", - Eternal Engine.

"In such a way underground which is too much spoken about but nobody has seen it must sound. Very qualitative work.", - Gene J.B.

"Dynamic IDM. Unfortunately this song finishes before its time. Might be the first part of long suite?", - Hally.

"This is really an experiment. It was a success. Unusual sounding.", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Strange. One and half minute of the beginning of the track spent for a "mysterious" introduction, and such a strange further evolution. Emphasis on the percussions maybe was the only idea. Because there is nothing in the track except of drum section to pat attention to. Maybe in some context (movie credits or somewhat) this track would be in place, but as a chosen composition it doesn't cause any emotions. Also author should pay more attention to sample tuning.", - Prizrak.

"Not really music, but not a set of sound. Very original track. It fits it's name. Maybe I'll keep it on my hard drive after the ending of the compo.", - EstEps.

"Many qualitative 16 bit samples, channels are full of effects, sound breathes like an alive. You're expecting some extremity, some daring trick (especially from the bass part), but getting just episodic splashes. What is generally not bad. It's pity that one little not tuned sample prevents from rating it highest for professionalism.", - Manwe.

"Not bad...", - Euggie.

always fresh morning (Rain)

"Magnificent chip! Simply an example of working with samples in IT...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Quite a qualitative, but very boring. Background music without any idea.", - Eternal Engine.

"Good deep ballad as such a size.", - Hally.

"Very and very laudable. I literally was inspired by atmosphere described in the message :-)", - Alexandr Radzishevsky.

"Very pleasant composition. It really creates mood well matched with the "message". Unobtrusively puts in some thoughts or, on the contrary, full absence of thoughts. Maybe author had to select leadsynth more carefully and more carefully had to work on it's sounding, but in general there is nothing to carp at. Practically the highest point for the optimality.", - Prizrak

"This is the first time when I see a track with a comment that longer than music. ;) Nothing special. Ambient didn't turn out.", - EstEps.

"One more track with just three samples. At the same time with a small size and deep sound. And with an atmosphere.", - Manwe.

Space Triumph (Stormbringer)
/sb-space, (Sb-space.xm; received in, 11kb).

Theme is very familiar, though my words about questionable originality of this work caused anger of the sender. Probably "PPK" pirated it ;-)

"Well composed chip... But the music point is boring and banal...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"A mediocre work, in general. And moreover its spoiled by dirty, poorly looped and often awfully discording instruments.", - Eternal Engine.

"The next obscure version of the PPK's Zodiac...", - Gene J.B.

"Not so bad techno, but lacks depth of the sound.", - Hally.

"Smells far from triumph, and especially - space truiumph. To be frank - its uninteresting, and reminds PPK "Resurrection" a bit (guess how).", - Prizrak.

"Samples set is rather well, but the track generally failed - dullish.", - EstEps.

"Maybe its too ingenuous track, but module got an original sound and the small size ", - Manwe.

Turned To Dark (Enger)
/turndark, (TurnDark.mo3; received in turndark.rar, 94кб).

Another track was assumed for participation instead of this one. Enger's style is easily recognized from the first notes - thats a technique you never mix up with someone else. In general - its his standard module, and that's not good, actually ;-)

"An unpleasant crash in the beginning. Probably poor compressed looped sample. And, in whole, sound is weak...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"The melody is very good for this style of music, also nice arrangement, but poorly worked over. Rhythm and bass seems lack of "fatness" and sharpness. If all this things were presented, my total mark for the module would possibly be on 7-8 points above (than current 87).", - Eternal Engine.

"Formal trance of quality in all means.", - Hally.

"The theme is poorly advanced. Idea is quite good ", - Alexander Radzishevsky.

"I have somewhat bad picture of dances with similar music in my imagination. It more-less look like dance music only by its monotony. No interesting music developments, or just theme changes. Everything resides exclusively within the limits designated by the author. One theme, and all patterns "rotates" around it, thats not too interesting.", - Prizrak.

"Enger's hand revealed at once ;-) But nevertheless, the track is not so good. Bam-bam-bam is being written by everyone nowdays, and standard methods have already set the teeth on edge. There is lack of stereo.", - EstEps.

"The rich sound, thats not surprising for MO3. But everything is spoiled by the bad-tuned samples.", - Manwe.

Sail^World of a fantasy (2000) (Evel)
/world5, (world5.mo3; received in world5.rar, 96кб).

I repent, repent, repent... That was really impossible for me to make compo without "far-fetched" Anton's module :-) Unfortunately, a great misunderstanding has occured, therefore his old track (definitely not the best one) suitable for chip-compo was used instead of his new module.

"The magnificent melody in E.Artemiev style. The author obviously loves "Solaris" and "Stalker" movies by Tarkovsky, and supposes Strugatsky's sound tracks in such way...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"One of the most beautiful melodies in compo, but its just a pity everyone dead there :-) I always had an opinion, that the genre of a fantasy have a little bit more joy", - Eternal Engine.

"Evel's music always serious and this tune is not the exception. He is only short of professionalism.", - Gene J.B.

"The good composition's name.", - Jazztiz.

"Epic metal, but sound is flat. Maybe too long for our size limitation.", - Hally.

"Very beautiful idea, but development seems to fail.", - Alexander Radzishevsky.

"In my opinion the author should work more carefully on disclosing a theme and selection of instruments.", - Prizrak.

"One more old-hat. Stylization to baroque is impossible without knowledge of bases of the baroque. Samples are not so well, and song's length, like always, in Anton's manner. I liked his former works much more than this one. Hard theme in the middle makes song enliven, but that guitar sample... really is that impossible to insert the live instrument (or to create this track in Buzz where the distorted guitar sound can be achieved)? ", - EstEps.

"It is the original module, undoubtedly. I feel the influence of Tarkovsky films. In general, the author boldness is reputable: he dares to present the organ to an audience nurtured in techno-tracked music... However, the second "hard - fatal" part have a taste of populism. Probably, it is favorite style of the author, but in current case it disparages all sublimity, aesthetically beauty and, to say, some "purety" of the first part. And, by the way, solo seems excessively loud.", - Manwe.

Hidden It (Joke Jester)
/hidden, (hidden.mo3; received in, 33кб).

This module is remade "Arcadia" from Necros - fake done by me. Not the best work, thats why it was not recognized from the first notes. Only Prizrak suspected this dirty trick, and only EstEps correctly determined an original work.

"Professionalism can be stretched to satisfactory mark if not that absolutely inappropriate ending if composition. The rest is better to leave without comments...", - Eternal Engine.

"Old themes... Old samples... Old ideas... Classics of no-name art...", - Gene J.B.

"I liked that transition to the side of funny disco =) ", - Jazztiz.

"Detroit techno in classic style. I like later part like a joke music.", - Hally.

"It is difficult to make comments on a such tracks. I've got an impression that author did not worked with zeal on this track, but he took some instruments and created some themes, without any serious work on them."Very originally", but not very interesting :-) ", - Prizrak,

"I think, why I have a feeling, that I have already heard this tune somewhere ... By the way Arcadia is far from the best modules from Necros :-) "

"I definitely insist on disqualification of this work whereas it represents an exact copy of module "Arcadia" by Necros in the reduced and a little bit modified kind.", - EstEps.

"8-bit samples when packed in MP3, become sound squeeze. From positive sides - only 8 channels that are really well used. And, certainly, a cheerful ending! ", - Manwe.

Air Beam (dj Dens0n)
/airbeam, (Air_beam.pt3; 6кб).

"The banal melody and harmony, but at the same time - author seem to know the tracker rather well...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Melody is not bad, but very similar to something familiar. Arrangement is standard a-la disco/spectrum. The unpleasant moment is too loud bass on a bad processed instrument.", - Eternal Engine.

"I cant understand - AY trackers can use only one pattern? Why all compositions consist of one-two loops? ", - Gene J.B.

"Good quality, but nothing special.", - Hally.

"There is nothing special to critic to. Maybe just a lack of variety, and in general it is pretty good, cheerful.", - Prizrak.

"Nothing special. The pop-music - is a pop-music. Arrangement more-less saturated.", - EstEps.

"Next small cheerful spectrum' module based on four chords. But sound is not bad, first of all becouse of a bass with its slides.", - Manwe.

Aurora (Elven)
/aurora, (; received in Aurora.rar, 3kb).

"Nobody'll ever repeat such.
Actually, this is not the module i intended to present on this compo, but my
100k works are too far from me, so, maybe, next time...
Btw, this module is pretty smart too - note the " inserted patterns " technology: (pat 2 is a part of pat 1); fixed sized patterns (pat 3); hidden samples (save this module and see the 1kb increase); no-note patterns; etc... So, enjoy.", - Elven.

Received 5 minutes after deadline.

The smallest module in competition, optimality can directly be put to 20 points, as well as technique. I think module created not in Impulse Tracker and not in Modplug Tracker, tricks with samples just impossible (interesting rubbish in instruments options), i'd like to find out something more about it. But the musical part is not so good - the melody is almost absent, only the well-marked rhythm, which is pure drive. It would be interesting to see the full-size work.

"Very good chip! But one sample is clicking...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"For its 4k size, module is rather well in technicque, but its only the technique. But harmony is not so good - monotone and boring.", - Eternal Engine.

"The Quality is not bad, but volume balance is often ugly.", - Hally.

"Technique - i was shocked my this module. Musically - not so." - Eternal Engine.

"Only the technique is presented. Technique and an optimality - high points. I have not found such a music.", - Prizrak.

"I am unable to rate that one non-musical pattern, repeated many times without variations.", - EstEps.

"4 samples, 3 kilobytes, but it is nice to listen for all the two and half minutes it plays, due to filters. An optimality, professionalism and the idea - beyond any praises. By the way, module sounds better than other Buzz modules. No need to use win-trackers.. :-) ", - Manwe.

Deep Beep (avator)
/av_un_db, (av_un_db.xm; received in av_un_db.rar, 94kb).

Work is received on April 2nd, broke the deadline on more than 40 hours... This module is allowed to take part in compo by coordination with organizers; we have been notifyed at the late March about a serious problem with sending already completed work. Sample translation from 16 to 8 bits used, instead of mo3-compression, so the quality of sound is noticeably reduced.

"Not bad chillout ...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Nice and quality relaxive music. Stylistically close to quiet compositions of "Aphex Twin". Nothing to critic here - everything on a high level.", - Eternal Engine.

"Avatar's holy song... Rather beautiful and professionally...", - Gene J.B.

"Hmm. I feel like a scene "pensioner" =))) Coz my first module has written.... emmm... In 1992 =) Since that time a little has changed, but it is pleasent at the same time =) ", - Jazztiz.

"Cute and beautiful small piece.", - Hally.

"Everything seems beautiful, but development is weak, to my opinion. Too much repetitions." - Eternal Engine.

"Is that a chiptune? At compo with 100kb limit? Im sorry, but 331168 bytes != 100kb in no way. I oficially refuse to rate this work. Sample compression is allowed by definition - so go and use it! Cant cope with it - good-bye, then! As regards the comments, well - a pleasant track, rather aerial on sound. Nothing importunate. Module gives the light and easy impression. Nothing to critic.", - Prizrak.

"The dynamic balance is not so well. Usual ambient, nothing special.", - EstEps.

"The kind ballad with a spatial positive sound. It is a pity that drum line is not vary at all - this could add more life in module.", - Manwe.

Ay4ever (dj Dens0n)
/ay4ever, (Ay4ever.xm; received in, 12kb).

"Rather banal theme and harmony at quite good arrangement.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"The nice melody a la ZX spectrum, in XM a format. Any special nuances are not present. Everything is decently and even good.", - Eternal Engine.

"Work strongly reminds OldShcool...", - Gene J.B.

"It would be better sound on original AY ", - Jazztiz.

"Well designed tune based on AY experience. But the melody is slightly boring.", - Hally.

"Well, its not the absolute chip-tune. I even can say its absolutely not a chiptune, despite of author's attempts to come close to chip sounding even in leadsynths. Positive thing is that author seems to spent more than 3 hours for this track. Nice track. To my opinion author has a little overdone with using "porta to note", but in general its quite good track.", - Prizrak.

"Not very good work. Too much things are mixed together.", - EstEps.

"I think sound is too chippy for 75kb. Well, it can be packed to 12kb, but i still have an subjective impression of weak "optimality"., - Manwe.

Floating Mechanic Clock (Manwe)
/clock, (clock.psy; received in, 87kb).

Work has took an 'demonstrative' part in competition. The final variant of work received on 2-nd of April, some corrections for playing in a different versions Psycle were added.

"Rather boring theme. I dont like it... Though it is made professionally.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Manwe is very qualitative, as usual. Arrangement is very well, on a high technique level. Melody is pleasant and easy and, what is a little unusual to electronic music, well memorized. The only negative side of a composition is the freezed harmony that stay immobile.", - Eternal Engine.

"Eh, Manwe, to be honest - you're much better in traditional trackers. Work is very bad balanced.", - Gene J.B.

"Unfortunately, i've got a broken downloaded file =( But the beginning is quite good =) Manwe, no offence meant. The good beginning! =) ", - Jazztiz.

"Deep and beautiful idm, but slightly lacking in movement.", - Hally.

"Author's flame to nontraditional tracker and virtual machines has distracted him from creation of music. It resulted in failure.", - EstEps.

"The module of my own, so i cant evaluate it... 800MHz machine is a bit slow for him. And 1.4GHz is well enough. Its nice Psycle can render to WAV.", - Manwe.

Synthetic Tea (iam29)
/d261, (D261.mo3; received in d261.rar, 93kb).

"Sounds like lame tachno, made on the spur of the moment. Should polish more.", - Hally.

"Background string looks somewhat bad tuned. Samples set and the methods of arranging them - reminds some STMs of 10-years prescription (that time composers wrote on PC-speaker). I hope, the author will be inspired by the most worthy works from the compo and he will try to to derive some benefit from them.", - Manwe.

Dizzy Chip (Treks)
/dizchip, (Dizchip.s3m; received in Dizchip.rar, 82кб).

"One more module from Treks! As a matter of fact it is slightly less than one and a half minute limit. Is that ok? Or I can urgently add a pair of patterns :-) But, maybe, you'll take it in current form? ", - Manwe.

One more pal for Manwe' "Pacman's Promenade". By the way I've got some feeling, that it was the joke from Manwe for April 1-st.

"Yes, i see you wanna make a brilliant display of professionalism... But you failed. Acoustic was not correctly built, some samples do clicks... And in general I would like to call it not a piece of music, but "look and learn how to trackering...". Really, its a pity to see so casual attitude...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Well done technique, but there is no clear theme. The composition is broken into three parts that almost not connected among each other and all this happened in less than one and a half minutes.", - Eternal Engine.

"Well, this bit of a lad still always up to standard... :-D ", - Gene J.B.

"4ch mod featuring acoustic samples technically, though the format is s3m.", - Hally.

"Treks. Well - from the composition and technique point of view - a brilliant track. But theme gallopping is absolutely unclear. All that transformations one to another occures a little bit unexpectedly. In other words - jazz-band is warming up. It seems to promise something, but finally - nothing enthralling.", - Prizrak.

"Recording cut to pieces". The track, probably, done very quick - to put it more precisely, stuck together from several _very_ different parts. Something similar i've seen in game Pinball Fantasies, where separate pieces of a mod were replayed by the game in specific moments. This suggests that this module may be from some game? ", - EstEps.

"Almost fogotten technique of 4 channels tricks :-) Inspiration and samples from genre classics such as Dizzy/CNCD. I think, its written for fun and private satisfaction :-) ", - Manwe.

Glitter Glue (gs)
/gs-glitter_glue, (; received in, 12кб).

"The banal theme and a melody. In general rather dull bagatelle.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Bass line and rhythm sample do not fit the music. Would be more interesting just by simple device.", - Hally.

"Ah, again, and again. Dear authors! Listen to what you create! Again samples, again bad tuned. If there was any idea, the track is absolutely not finished.", - Prizrak.

"Some notes pleased me, and in the rest - just usual chip, but in 12 channels.", - Manwe.

Kaleidoscope (fast shadow)
/fs_kld, (kaleidoscope.bmx; received in fs_kld.rar, 45,6кб).

In any way I did not expect that the work received the last (on 4-th of April), will take first place in compo.

"It appeared that Manwe told me about the competition literally just per diem before deadline. And for some reason i wanted to relive a bit of the past and participate in some compo for the first time during last three years :-) Though rules are common for everyone... Manwe has simply informed me incorrectly a bit... He told - chip-tune compo and you will participate... I think - oh, no, im not so good in chip creating, to put it mildly, and I really do not remember anything in Impulse Tracker already. And suddenly it appeared that Buzz is so modish nowdays and modules can be packed... That's the way.", - fast shadow.

As an exclusive exception (the request has arrived a day after deadline) we have allowed this work to take part in the compo. Deadline broked on more than 70 hours. This work is the last accepted.

"Very pleasant electronic composition, with little bit nostalgic melody in New age style. It can be noticed in the author's comments inside a module, that he loves Assembly demoparty and this fact influenced on a song written for CTC. This song reminds by its spirit a melody by Cube - " Skotchman in a skirt" that was the winner on Assembly 1998.", - Eternal Engine a little.

"Qualitative many-sided work.", - Gene J.B.

"Module has very "demonstrative" sound, in spite of it has been created with "almost professional" device. Looks like a demo-song to some synthesizer very much =).", - Jazztiz.

"It's Dreamy and cherished techno. Sound effects are needlessly deep, so I do not give so high points. But personally I really like this.", - Hally.

"It is perfect, just perfect. Nothing is unnecessary and nothing is missing.

"Its Fast :-) no comments :-) Only one thing - song is strongly protracted, imho :-) ", - Prizrak.

"I should only wonder looking on professionalism of the author, taking into account the term while this work has been composed, arranged and trackered. Light, positive, spring-time composition. The only thing that confuses - too artless introduction of a bass drum.", - Manwe.

Krack me tonight (C-jeff)
/krack_me, (krack_me. $ m; 10кб).

"I already mentioned ZX-formats - I do not know their limits so i cant give them due.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Surplus originality. The author is noticeably familiar with some technique of creating a music, but he is very inaccurate with his tiny skills. Experiments sometimes can be interesting, but everything must be within reasonable limits. And better if your approaches involve some intelligence and patience. But this two things are also beyond author's attention...", - Eternal Engine.

"I have never understood, if that was bugs in module, or just author's idea...", - Gene J.B.

"Oh, wow! =) ", - Jazztiz.

"Quite unique song including many tricks. But those tricks might make sound too noisy.", - Hally.

"Very interesting track. It was pleasant to listen, but I have a feeling that on PC it sounds not so correctly, because some "glitches" while playing the module were very noticable. A general impression is very pleasant. I've listened to this module with pleasure many times.", - Prizrak.

"Novelty attempt with AY, was successful, in whole. Actually, module is interesting to listen to.", - Manwe.

In the search of sunset (nikerous)
/ns-snset, (In the search of sunset.bmx; received in, 55kb).

To play this work additional buzz-machine is needed to be added in Buzz Gear/Generators.

"Well-done Progressive Trance. Very professionally, sound quality is not so bad. However, the module needs some more high frequencies. Probably an additional equalizer would be nice just before the master, but thats ok even now. ;-) ", - Eternal Engine.

"Well, we love trance, but module is obviously short for disclosing a theme in a trance style...", - Gene J.B.

"Well, we love trance, but so much reverb is not necessary anyway =) As a whole, work appeared to be "middling", alas. In my subjective opinion.", - Jazztiz.

"Completely professional trance, except too short playtime.", - Hally.

"Excellent work. I love this track. Good knowledge of a subject and sense of proportion... In my opinion one of the most pleasant tracks in all compo though its only my musical preferences. Advices - try to find original sound. Originality certainly suffers a little. Some times while listen to track i got an impression "where-i've-heard-it" though I am sure that track is original :-) Probably such impression is caused by the bass line, mostly. And one more thing - from 40 to 47 sec of a track (I listened in mp3) a bass line (on my opinion) does not fit into a chord. It is a pity, that track is so short.", - Prizrak.

"Somewhat qualitative trance, both on a sound, and on a notation.", - Manwe.

Pacman's Promenade (Manwe)
/promenade, (; received in, 61кб).
Unofficial participation in competition - work from arbiter.

"I like to play PACMAN too!!! Manwe's hand is recognized from the first notes - its a pro of a highest level:) ", - Oleg Dunaev.

"A fun music about packman in near jazzy style. Professionally, melodical, beautiful. The composition would be an ideal soundtrack to this game.", - Eternal Engine.

"This work may be not included in the compo, anyway everyone aware of Manwe's modules", - Gene J.B.

"Musical fastfood =) ", - Jazztiz.

"Very relaxy. It's an easy and non-professional song in a good sense.", - Hally.

"Amusing, cheerful track. Very good technique, sense of proportion... The idea is completely realized. To critic this module means blasphemy. My congratulations.", - Prizrak.

"Cheerful song. Very childish.", - EstEps.

"The module is my own, composed quickly and for fun :-) I Hope, somebody will smile during listening to this opus :-) ", - Manwe.

Road to rancho (Dmitry Zolin)
/rctc_wrkt, (Road.mid; received in, 3кб).

"This composition had the purpose to "dig out" the maximal stylistic saturation from an ancient soft, using standard methods of sound reproduction.", - Dmitry Zolin.

Ah you, bad... :-) I have unmasked this dirty trick at once, coz i've heard plenty of "rat-tats" on the first bars when selecting ready-made midi examples of different editors for my work. But actually i havent paid attention that this work - autoarrangement.

"It is quite good. But i have an impression, that it is -1 recording (in original - music with vocal; "-1 recording" - the same music without vocal), it have no clearly pronounced lead theme...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"The jazz. I cant say its bad, becouse the composition looks more or less professionally. But sounds somehow boring and have nothing special to rise above.", - Eternal Engine.

"I refuse to rate this work because I do not admit such software. All author's technique is the result of using the program that create a melody."", - Gene J.B.

"Band in a box - is an "ancient" and useless software? =) What can you say about Amiga Protracker then - it came from dinosaurs? =) ", - Jazztiz.

"A sweet jazz. But tracking is not technical.", - Hally.

"The score for an optimality is reduced becouse of MIDI banks involved. That's no good absolutely, and particulary in the light of chip-tune compo rules. Certainly, the composition is pleasant, but somehow quickly become boring.", - Prizrak.

""Rat-tat" in the beginning have some ulterior motive. It there is "rat-tat" it is - Band in the Box. Inspecting the participant's form confirms my suspicions. Hence - an absence of the review for the track arranged not by the human.", - EstEps.

"Anyway I listened on Roland Sound Canvas :-) I try to imagine, how it sounds on standard Windows GM-machine. If only there were more instruments involved - the score for "quality of a sound" would be increased. And in general, i was pleased by such approach to midi.", - Manwe.

leaving3 (Rain)
/rn-lvn3, (rn-lvn3.rns; received in rn-lvn3.rar, 56,7kb).

"Well and professionaly composed. Though its not bad idea to replace some samples - but probably a size limit served its purpose...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Rock with acid elements. Professionally enough, but monotonous a little. Even there are no obviously repeating moments, but the composition seems to stay on a same place and harmonically does not move anywhere.", - Eternal Engine.

"Very qualitative work."", - Gene J.B.

"Very incoherent composition, and harmony is banal up to impossible, as well as the structure. To the author: have you tryed to create something in other genre? ", - Jazztiz.

"Really massive jazzy funk.", - Hally.

"Wo-o-o-w what a sound!!:-)

"The interesting idea. Its very rare case when I meet such original decisions at chipcompos :-) Good idea to combine chip sound with live percussions. Excellent work.", - Prizrak.

"Attempt to dig out something heavy from Renoise. Not the worst attempt. Buzz can do it hardly better (it is a good physical modelling of a guitar there), nevertheless this problem solved pretty well in this work. Instrumentation is quite good, but music is rather weak.", - EstEps.

"Some artificiality of a heavy guitar sound slightly confuses. But drum line looks almost alive, altogether mood is very heavy-rock.", - Manwe.

a-d-d-a_L (tone)
/t1-addl, (t1-addl.mo3; received in, 93kb).


(thats all becouse of daylight saving time =(( I am late on half an hour,
but track took me much more time =) it will be so vexing, if.. =)) " -- tone

This work broke the deadline on 30 minutes. But actually we have a second version of the module, which have been received in 10 hours after deadline. And then Tone has opened a forum polemic about fairness and compo rules compliance ;-) Anyway, module is very bright, thats beyond controversy, and it met its deserts!

"Holy shit! Even with a vocal... The original electronic composition - something from old school electronicians: J.M.Jarre, K.Schultz, Vangelis...", - Oleg Dunaev.

"I think its a main 1st place candidate, module dont have any weak or even a "middling" sides :-) Everything is very good balanced: melody and originality, technique and quality. Harmony moves, and arrangement also dont stay on the same place. And the song in 93kb module. So, i took off my hat out of respect for this work. Everything is on the very and once again very high level... :-) ", - Eternal Engine.

"Interesting work, but its so bad balanced."", - Gene J.B.

"Absolutely ripe music. By the way, I have this book. And, to be honest, i have a suspicion, that its a fake done by mr.Tangerine of T-REX =) Excuse me, if i am wrong. Absolute cyber!!!! ", - Jazztiz.

"Quality sci-fi elecronic. Voice sample is impressive.", - Hally.

"Very original track. Though it is mo3, but attempt to push a vocal into chiptune is almost at the TOP of originality. In whole its a very qualitative track, its at once noticable that the author spent much time on it and as a result he got very well and very pleasant track.", - Prizrak.

"Star Control II lives! Music calls up the intense nostalgia on Spathi and Kohr-Ah if anyone remembers these Creatures. The vocal track sounds quite justified, and even the peculiar delay-effect (very typical for the Arab world) does not spoil him.", - EstEps.

"The vocal in "Royksopp" manner - rather cool for chip-tune. Perhaps, from all MO3s received - this is the only one, that justify its size by contents. It is difficult to be kept from temptation to overestimate "originality", while listen to this amasing vocal :-) ", - Manwe.

Sad dance in the heart of the world (Vinsent)
/vinsent, (; received in vinsent.rar, 6кб).

"Work has been written actually during 3 evenings, dynamic effects tuning and serious mix-down were not made. I would desire to reproduce a sound of alive instruments by means of Buzz, without using any samples and to destroy the myth of electro-acidic niche for this tracker. Its for you to decide if i succeed in my mission.", - Vinsent.

"I've got only MP3 version. Somewhat nice sounds. Repetitions of the first theme are little bit annoying and also fades out too suddenly. What about the rest - pretty nice bagatelle.", - Oleg Dunaev.

"Looks like a soundtrack. Good quality, professionalism, but without a picture its not enough capaciously and vividly.", - Eternal Engine.

"Its really sad dance in the original style, proving (partly the truth) that Buzz is able to produce not only trance and electronics, though electronic sounding is obviously audible here. Formerly I tryed to prove the same ideas, but already tired... :-( ", - Gene J.B.

"From the first notes I have noticed and want to tell to mr.Author that he failed in his attempts to destroy the myth about buzz acidity... Well, thats nothing terrible.", - Jazztiz.

"I cant even imagine, that Buzz can create such things:-) Beautifull and quite a high level.", - Alexander Radzishevsky.

"In spite of the author's excuses about a quick creating of this track, i want to draw attention to the poor track's integrity - dont sound like something whole. In general as it can be expected - originality (the instruments he used) and quality (quality of a sound) are the only things that can be emphasized in the track. Originality creates some mood, and nothing more. Track dont stick to memory, and, in general, there is nothing to memorize here. And one more thing, concerning the technique - the majority of transitions rather abruptv for such style. Though it should be noticed - the author managed to somewhat dispel a myth that he wanted to dispel :-) ", - Prizrak.

"Of course the feeling of electronic sound still remains, (to be more specific, there is some similarity with base General Midi bank in Windows). But the attempt itself, cannot be left indifferent.", - Manwe.

Except all these works the track by keen should participate in competition. We have waited for him, searched for him, called him and finally received nothing.

General conclusion: rules exists only for breaking them.
Partiсular conclusion: want to listen to some new music? Make a compo!

Thats all folks! (translated by Enger and ksa).

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